During our second decade, Contemporary Youth Orchestra grew overall revenues but could not tap into the generosity and support of our most ardent fans. We've set ambitious goals to increase contributions from individual donors during our third decade.


(in thousands)


Contemporary Youth Orchestra is supported by some of the most prominent and generous names in philanthropy and creative industry. Thank you, supporters, for your contributions.

ICON: $25,000+

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

The Cleveland Foundation

The George Gund Foundation

Ohio Arts Council

WORLD TOUR: $10,000+

Erol and Laura Beytas

Harry P. Jr. & Cyndi Hawkes

Robert & Linda Monitello

Treu-Mart Fund

Nordson Corporation Foundation

THE BIG BREAK: $5,000+

The Bascom Little Fund

Char & Chuck Fowler Family Foundation

Barry & Sandra Gabel

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

Kulas Foundation



Belinda Gavic Grassi

Peter & Kathy Klein

Laub Foundation


MEET & GREET: $500+

Joy Anzalone & Michael Arsham

Bruce & Meredith Bass

Michael & Beth Berland

Sygalit & Steve Berman

Beth Brandt Sersig & Christopher Brandt

Thomas & Donna Casey

D'Addario Foundation

Kimberly Deichler & Eric Janke

Carol Steinmetz Duber

Michael & Gretchen Farrell

Robert & Susan Fisco

Christine Williams & Kenneth Frisof

Paul Ganci & Sharon Nichols

Chris & Karen Gilmore

Adam Harvey

Nicholas House

Jeffrey Irvine

Elizabeth James

Zhenni Jackson

Juicy Lucy

Richard & Julie King

Robert Kinkel

Tibor & Lisa  Lakatos

Peter & Julie Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Morton

Music & Drama Club

Dr. Frank & Mrs. Gail Opaskar

Elizabeth Plautz

Brad Roller & Laura Pedersen

Jim & Lynne Shlonsky

Kuo-Kuang Wu & Yuan-Jung Tsai

John & Nancy Vitale


Maher Atwah

Jules & Fran Belkin

J.T. & Dorothy Blackwell

Larry & Marilyn Blaustein

John & Elizabeth Click

Christopher Connor

Terry & Debbie Coyle

Erika Cunliffe & Neal Peachy

TJ & Julie Ely


Jeffrey & Nancy Gabel

David & Jane Glickman

Warren & Debby Goldenberg

Ron Greenwald

Jon & Aimee Grimm

Linda House

Amir Jassani

Mrs. Anne C. Juster

Brian and Lori Kenyon

Charles H. King & Catherine E. Keating

Steffen & Paige Lauster

Richelle Lincoln

Judith D. Harris & Alan Gordon Lipson

The Brian Luntz Family Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

David Manno

Michael & Terese Mascia

David & Monica Matia

Allen Morinec

Brian Murphy

Mark & Loretta Nasca

Graham Nash

Haydee Pagan

James & Bernadette Pavlish

Bernie & Heidi Perla

Larry & Julia Pollock

Debra Rosen & Todd Pownell

Lee & Stephanie Resnick

James Roosa

Roland Rovito

Daniel & Dana Shapiro

Renee Singley

Christopher Smith

Steven Sobol & Jacqueline Taylor

Ned & Karen Swift

Tracy Vigh

Bruce & Tracy Wilhelm

Alexis Wolin

Eric & Amanda Zalud

Gig Member: $150+

Mr. Richard H. Bamberger, In honor of Michael Farrell

Dennis and Jennifer Baughman

Michael and Michele Belkin, In honor of Barry Gabel

Richard I. Berger

Gretchen Burmeister

Amy and Michael Daso

Alice Marie Duber

Judith Erlichman

William Franzblau

Meg Harris and Richard A. Vadnal

Laura Hundert

Wendy Kellogg and Dean Hinterberger

John King

E. Dennis Lehman and Virginia Lehman

Haydee Pagan

Julia Puckace

Michael Rocco

Mr. and Mrs. David Schane

Joel and Elizabeth Scheer

Laura Smith

David Taylor

Nathan Tulenson

Heather Vercillo

Jane and Dave Wegener

Amy Williams

General Admission Member: $50+

Mr. and Mrs. David Ashton

Kathy Bell

Siri Benjamin

Laurel and Jonathan Berrie, In honor of the birthdays of Ruth and Mark Elliott

Kyle Brewer

Margaret Brouwer

Mary Kay and William Costello

Allison Catanzaro

Bernadette Clemens

Colin Davin

Lisa Edwards

Susan Fensore

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Fuller

Jack and April Gallagher

Nathan Gardner

Jo Gibert

Bill Gill

Michael Glusac

William Gould

Henry  Hammond

Lauren Hawkes

Annette Himes

Lisa Johnson

Mark and Amy Klimek

Rosemary and John Michael Manos

Aly Michalke

Ms. Susan Morgenstern and Mr. Mark Lauretig

Patrick Murray

Nichols Booth Architects

Erika Noble

Lavinia Pavlish

David and Judie Perelman

Michael and Amy Petkovich

Lesley Ray

Paula and Thomas Ray

Ann Reichsman and Bruce Catalano

Scott Rilley

Gail Rinderknecht

Mr. and Mrs. David Samols

Betty and Alan Schenk

Gina Seaman

Anthony Ting

Evan and Elizabeth Wachs

Sue Weaver

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LPA Attorneys at Law

Rosemary Woodruff and Andrew Hoffman

Gerald Zaccaria

Peter Zicari

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