Gettin' to Know CYO: Meet Matt Maguire!

Senior Matt Maguire is an early bird whose favorite class this semester is African American Studies. This cellist loves dark chocolate and chanteuses likes Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Lady Gaga, as evident by his powerful playlist!


Why do you love the cello?
I love the cello because of its soulful tone and its wide range.

What's the last movie you've watched?

How would you describe yourself in five words or less?
Definitely different.

Why do you think music is an important part of life?
For me, music is an important part of life because it helps me cope with the emotions of life along with giving me a way to express myself. In general, I feel music is important because of how it can move the soul.

What song sums up your life right now?
"Gasoline" by Halsey.

What will you miss most about CYO after you graduate?
The people involved, including the cello section and Liza.

 Are you an early bird or a night owl?
An early bird.

Which class is your favorite in school?
This semester my favorite class is African American Studies.

What junk food couldn't you live without?
Probably dark chocolate because it really chills me out and helps put me in a good mood on bad days.

Matt's put together a playlist filled with some powerhouse divas, classic bands and orchestral standards. Give it a spin here: