Liza Grossman Contemporary Youth Orchestra Team with Styx Frontman Tommy Shaw

Classical music and classic rock collide as AXS TV presents STYX frontman Tommy Shaw in the premiere of the 2016 concert special SING FOR THE DAY! TOMMY SHAW AND CONTEMPORARY YOUTH ORCHESTRA-airing Sunday, July 9, at 10pE. "Ten years after STYX and CYO performed for the first time together, I've joined forces with them again, this time for a solo acoustic symphony show!," said Shaw about the special.

Stars align for 'Pulse' show with Contemporary Youth Orchestra and singer Melissa Etheridge (preview)

Stars align for 'Pulse' show with Contemporary Youth Orchestra and singer Melissa Etheridge (preview)

CLEVELAND, Ohio - There was a moment, years ago, when Liza Grossman predicted the future, when the director of the Contemporary Youth Orchestra saw in her mind's eye what's about to transpire next Wednesday.

The year was 2005, and Grossman was watching the Grammy Awards, when out came singer Melissa Etheridge, bald from chemotherapy, with a courageous rendition of "Piece of my Heart."

"I just remember being in tears," Grossman recalled. "I felt like I knew what she was doing, on so many levels. I knew I had to work with her, and I could picture the whole thing."

That vision is now nearly a reality. From the headliner and the venue all the way down to the lighting, Grossman is about to realize her 12-year-old dream with "Pulse," a collaboration at Severance Hall between Etheridge and the CYO.

Auditions Open for APEEK 2017

Auditions are now open for APeek, the Contemporary Youth Orchestra's annual summer program for young musicians. 

APeek is an industry immersion program that gives young musicians the opportunity to learn and hone the full range of skills needed to be a professional musician in today's industry. Working in a professional environment, musicians will enjoy two busy weeks of rehearsals, master classes, yoga, plus advice and workshops from industry professionals, all culminating in a Broadway performance of "The Music Man" at Cain Park. 

There are many paths to success in today's industry, but musicians need to learn every aspect of their work in order to find that success. Contemporary Youth Orchestra has spent the past 20+ years learning how to best prepare our members for a future in the music, entertainment, and event industry and APEEK is our latest set of tools to provide for tomorrow's musicians, event organizers, promoters, and more. 

Check out our APEEK registration page for info on the courses, rehearsal schedule, pricing, and to sign up for auditions. 

Melissa Etheridge Driven To Write Music About These ‘Very Inspiring Times’

Melissa Etheridge was featured in a great article on the Huffington Post today! Check out an excerpt below, and don't forget to pick up your tickets for our June 7th performance with her. 

Melissa Etheridge has never been one to shy away from writing socially-conscious songs or getting downright personal in her music. She penned the Oscar-winning “I Need to Wake Up” for Al Gore’s 2006 documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and she sang about non-monogamous relationships in “I’m the Only One.”  

For the Grammy winner, there’s no time like the present to write music with impact and meaning. After all, so far in 2017, we’ve seen a new president in the White House, the Women’s March rally in D.C., and plenty of pending changes on the horizon.

“These are very inspiring times and I feel very moved to be writing right now, and I’ll probably be writing all year long,” Etheridge told HuffPost, referencing the political and social climate under the Donald Trump presidency. “It’s funny because I find myself wanting to write about what’s happening at the moment and understanding that what I write now might not be heard for another year, and God, hopefully things will be different in another year. So it’s kind of funny to write about something that’s happening now when you hope it will be completely different in the future.”

Head over to Huffington Post for the full interview, and make sure to pick up your tickets for our June 7th performance with Melissa Etheridge at Severance Hall

CYO Performing with Rocktopia LIVE!

We're thrilled that Contemporary Youth Orchestra will be performing with the touring production of Rocktopia, a concert that blends classical music with hard rock. This is a huge opportunity for our kids to participate in an amazing touring production, and we're so excited for the final performance!

Check out this great article in the Scene for more details. 

Rocktopia & CYO - Cleveland Scene